Fall, already?

I fear that summer is officially over. Over the past few weeks there has been very little action in the garden, hence my lack of posts. We have pulled a few of the old plants out and have tidied things up a bit, which helps my OCD tendencies a little. They’ll break down in our compost bin and help out next year’s plants. I am kicking myself for not planting more things that would have a late harvest, especially decorative gourds. I haven’t quite figured out the balance of planting things that sound fun and planting things for the best harvest.We’ve been finishing up the peppers and tomatoes, which have slowed to a crawl. They ripened so quickly throughout August and then when the temperature dropped 5 degrees everything screeched to a halt. Even my green beans, which were exploding from mid-August through the first few weeks of September, have slowed.  All we have left now are: Brussels Sprouts, herbs, green beans, a few tomatoes, some peppers, my Marina de Chioggia squash and a half-hearted attempt at a butternut squash.


I’ve planted some arugula and cress as well where the peas were and they love the cooler weather. They also seem to be trampled by Winnie most days!


I have no idea what you’re supposed to do to get your garden ready for fall. Turn over your compost? Rake your leaves into it? Add manure to things? I’ll have to get some advice and do some research, before it gets chilly out there!