March of the Tomatoes, and Home Again

There may have been a lack of planning when we booked our vacation for the second/third weeks of August. Apparently, this is prime tomato-harvesting time! My sister watered the garden while we were away and I told her to help herself to whatever was ripe, to avoid waste and to thank her for her hard work. When we got back, I figured she didn’t take any – I went through and picked what was ripe and ended up with a huge bowl! I brought a few over to her place last night and she told me she’d already taken about 15 of them home during the week. I’m a happy tomato farmer. I’m tempted to plant more next year, just to be able to give them away. Hopefully I’ll be able to can a little salsa this week to preserve them. In the meantime, I made some fresh tomato sauce.

IMG_9440[1] IMG_9446[1] IMG_9450[1]

Leaving the garden for 9 days wasn’t as hard on it as I thought, though. Aside from the necessary watering, things keep on growing without my watchful eye. Some of our squash seemed to grow overnight – I have one spaghetti squash, one butternut squash, one HUGE Marina de Chiogga squash and a few that are just starting. My pumpkin plant died without developing any fruit, though – I blame the small pot and having to move the vine around so often when we mowed the grass. Oh, well. We’ll have to buy one around Halloween instead.

The beans are just starting now, due to a late starting in planting and a few false starts, but the size of the plants have me hoping for a huge harvest. I love fresh green beans!

In other news, we have confirmation that the large, dead tree in our yard can be removed and that our rear neighbour is going to share the cost. Best news I’ve heard in a long time! It’ll be early September or later, so I’m hoping our garden doesn’t suffer too much with falling branches.
I must say, as an aside, that coming home from a week at my family’s cottage to a flourishing garden is just the cherry on the top of my holiday.Happy garden, happy gardener.

The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul.
– Alfred Austin

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