Green Tomatoes & Making the Best of It

My poor, poor tomatoes. A few days of heavy rain seemed to push some of my plants too far over the edge of the raised bed and a few stems broke. Dave and I worked to gently tie the plants back, trying our best not to snap anything else. I think we improved things to a certain extent, but I see at least one plant’s leaves starting to wither, and I’m afraid it might not make it. This leaves me with several green tomatoes that will sadly not reach their juicy red potential. I’ve realized the “Florida Weave Method” only works if you very closely monitor how fast your tomato plants are growing. Oops! If any more plants kick the bucket, I’ll have to do some research into preserving green tomatoes in salsa or relish.

A dimly lit & slowly dying tomato plant.

A dimly lit & slowly dying tomato plant.

In other news, we’ve pulled up our pea plants as they were finished for the season. I was a little disappointed not to have as many as I expected, but next year I’ll plant more and have trellises that are high enough to let the vines reach their full potential. I raked a leftover bag of soil over the patch where the peas were, and in a few weeks I’ll plant some more greens that will reach micro-green salad stage before the frost hits this fall. I’m also planning to make a mini-greenhouse over one of the raised beds to try and grow some greens over the winter months.


Empty space is full of potential.

We’re leaving for the cottage next week. I just know that all my tomatoes are going to be ripe and I won’t be there to eat them. Looks like I’ll have to call in the troops!

(I’m realizing now that blackberry photos at night just aren’t as nice as my usual canon photos during the day. Stink. I’m always running out of daylight over here.)


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