The Slowpokes and The Eager Beavers

Tomatoes take FOREVER. I’ve been watching my plants over the past month, and more and more small green tomatoes pop up but nothing seems to be ripening fast enough – I’ve only had one large one! (It was an “Early Girl” – and while there was only one, it’s very exciting). I’m impatient to eat some tomato sandwiches and they just aren’t ripening fast enough. Thankfully, my “Sweet Millions” tomato plant has been producing a few small ripe tomatoes at a time. We’re eating them faster than they can ripen, though! Gardens are definitely good for practicing patience, which I occasionally lack.

The first real tomato. What a great feeling.

The first real tomato. What a great feeling.

I’m also feeling impatient about my squash. We’ve had gorgeous yellow flowers for a few weeks now, with many more about to open. I have only seen one spaghetti squash and the beginnings of a butternut squash, and I was nervous about that, so I did a little research. Apparently, the female flowers are the only ones to grow squash – they grow at the base of the flower. I seem to have a lot of male flowers, since the flowers that are there open, fall off and leave the end of a stem in their place. However, this may be okay, since male flowers usually bloom before the females and it looks like there are a lot to still bloom. Let’s hope so! I’m looking forward to squash soup, roasted squash, and maybe even a vegetarian squash lasagna (get excited, Dave!).


A whole lotta flower, but not much squash.

At least there is one thing that’s starting to become incredibly rewarding – my cucumbers! My last-minute planting has given me unbounded joy today when I peeked under the cucumber leaves. These babies are destined for dill pickles and then my mouth.

These make me go WHEE!

These make me go WHEE!

‘Tis not her coldness, father,
That chills my labouring breast;
It’s that confounded cucumber
I’ve ate and can’t digest.”

– Richard Harris Barham (1788-1845) ‘The Confession’


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