The Heat & The Tree

Hot, sticky, suffocating. The weather here has been absolutely disgusting this week – I think the highest we saw it go was 40C without the humidity. Our house felt like it was about 50C – we don’t have air conditioning (hopefully next year!) and without a breeze, we were doomed. So a few sleepless, sweaty nights went by and I lay in bed thinking about how much I hate the humidity and heat of Southern Ontario in the summer. But then I realized that without the heat, my garden wouldn’t grow! You win some, you lose some.

So after a week of heat, on Friday night we were hit with a series of thunderstorms. We were headed to my sister’s that evening and sat on our porch to wait until the rain subsided before leaving, around 7pm. It slowed down for a while and we even saw a rainbow on our way to her place. Later that night, around midnight, another storm blew in and was even worse! The lightning across the sky was incredible and the winds were howling. I spent this car ride with my eyes closed praying we came home to our house in one piece. A little background needed?


We bought our house in mid-March of this year, before anything green was on the trees. A month or so later we started to realize there was nothing growing on the tree in our backyard. Fast-forward a few more weeks, and we’ve realized it’s dead. Fully, truly, dead. It’s also about 80 ft tall and, if it fell, could take out about 6 houses. We’re in the middle of getting quotes and estimates to take it down and saving our pennies thousands (gulp) to do the job, but given the time of year it’s been hard to get a hold of someone to do it. So you can perhaps understand my anxiety as we drove towards our home, seeing tree after tree down, streets closed, hydro wires down and debris everywhere (double gulp). We took a detour to get home as the first three routes home were blocked by fallen trees, and as we turned the corner onto our street we saw yet another tree, probably bigger than ours, completely destroyed.

IMG-20130720-00187 IMG-20130721-00188 IMG-20130721-00189 IMG-20130721-00190 IMG-20130721-00192 IMG-20130721-00193 IMG-20130721-00194

Our tree was spared. I have never been so thankful in my life. Aside from a number of branches all over the street and property, the dead tree was still standing, and our house was intact. *Phew*

It’s funny how things work out, as the next morning my grandpa walked through our gate with an arborist he knows and has worked with to look at the tree. He gave us much more encouraging news than we’ve had thus far and a price that was easier to stomach. Blessings. Thanks, Grandpa!

The tree is going to come down at the end of August, which means there will be less to destroy with falling branches in the garden. Yippee!


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