Peas, please.

Up until now, my peas have left me feeling disappointed and sad. I think it’s been a combination of a few things.I think my pea trellises are better suited to sturdier vegetables like squash, or melons, or even beans. I’ve had to help them climb up a few times over the past few months. Shoot. I thought my teepees would work really well. They’re actually great for the beans which are climbing up on their own.To add to the problem, Winnie has a terrible habit of weaving through my peas on her way past and knocking plants over, or just crushing them beneath her (massive?) paws. Needless to say, I only had a few plants per trellis survive the spring until they grew out of harm’s way.  Another lesson learned: next year I’ll build a proper trellis with twine that allows the peas to climb easily.

Despite their troubled childhoods, the few remaining pea plants seem to be turning around. I looked out the other day to find some beautiful flowers growing on them! It’s nice to have some colour in a backyard that is mostly all green at this point. We’re working on our plan for the perennial beds for next year, and I’m hoping to find perennials on clearance that I can plant sometime this summer still.

I’m just dreaming of a warm afternoon in the sunshine, sitting on a rocking chair (not that we have an outdoor rocking chair, but nevermind), shelling peas and sipping cucumber basil lemonade or a glass of white wine. Isn’t that what gardening is mostly about, anyway? The reward at the end of the day?

“They sowed the duller vegetables first, and a pleasant feeling of righteous fatigue stole over them as they addressed themselves to the peas.” 
– E. M Forster, Where Angels Fear to Tread

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