Long Rainy Days, & Lessons Learned

During our rainy drive in to work the other day I commented to Dave that the weather was very strange this year since April showers didn’t arrive until May. Then Dave reminded me it was in fact mid-June. Apparently, I’m losing it. Sigh. Life is certainly busy and pulling me along with it. However, although we spend a sometimes horrific amount of time commuting to and from work everyday (our choice, after all), it’s always worth it to come home and walk through our back gate to see what has grown since we left it. While work and life can put so much stress and weight on your shoulders, a garden seems to be just the right amount of pleasant work and reward to make you feel so much better at the end of the day.
Green is progress.

Instant stress relief.

On another note, it’s time to admit some failure. I had to pull out some of my baby arugula and spinach this week – I think I burned it when I sprayed my insecticide on the leaves in the middle of the one of the few hot days we’ve had so far. I knew you were supposed to spray in the cool morning or evening but I did it in the afternoon.  Sometimes I take people’s advice and then the rest of the time I think to myself, “Now why would that matter?”, or, “I’m sure it will be fine”. Lesson learned.
The salad garden. Note the empty spaces where I pulled out the arugula and spinach. Tragic.

The salad garden. Note the empty spaces where I pulled out the arugula and spinach. Tragic.

I had intended to hold off on planting pickling cucumbers until next year, but I looked at the spaces left behind by my insecticidal failure and though I should at least try! The time to harvest is about 2 months, so they should be ready mid-August at this rate, if they grow. I’ll have to fashion some sort of trellis for them as they are right in between the rest of the greens and the herb section of our raised bed. I can’t wait for these – I absolutely LOVE pickles.
Fresh from the garden.

Fresh from the garden.

More things to harvest! I love the way turnips look when they grow, but they take up so much room in my beds! I’m making mental notes of what I want to plant next year, and for the yield per square foot, turnips might not be my first choice.I also found some ripe strawberries in our hanging basket, can’t wait until we have enough to share.. ; ) Next year I want to have more than one basket!

Three ripe strawberries, headed for my yogourt.

Four ripe strawberries, headed for my yogourt.

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”
 Audrey Hepburn

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