Rain, and Holes in my Radish Leaves

We’re in the middle of some major renovations in our basement this week, leaving me little time to sit and enjoy the garden. It’s been raining on and off this week, though, with some major downpours during two different thunderstorms, so I’ve been truly stuck inside with my hammer and safety glasses while the rain comes down in the garden.


The backyard is looking so green! Our new cedars must be loving the rain, too.

The result of that rain, and leaving the garden for a few days, meant coming back to it this weekend to find a lush green oasis in my backyard! Seriously, everything seems to be much greener and has also grown like crazy this week. It might also be the warmer weather, but everything always seems so green after the rain.


“I like rain!”


I planted radishes alongside my brussels sprouts, since they’ll be ready to go long before the sprouts need that space. These radishes grew like crazy this week – do you think they’ll be more watery-tasting?


Green salad bed. Mmmm. Notice the top left corner bed – lamb’s lettuce has been a bit of a dud! That’s all we’ve had so far.


Peas! (My shoe shelf trellis is working so well!)

My melons didn’t come up after 2 weeks, and being impatient I dug around a little looking for a shoot. I thought there should be something, since the squash I planted at the same time were already up and looking good. I couldn’t find what I had planted (or, I didn’t look in the right spot), so I put in some new seeds. We do have to deal with Winnie, squirrels, raccoons , birds and other pests, though, so there is a good chance they were eaten!

I didn’t end up planting the cucumber or cabbage seeds I bought this year. I ran out of steam last weekend when I was finishing up with the tomatoes and peppers, and also ran out of dirt and containers. I’m going to save them for next year, when I can plan everything out a little better and be prepared! There is nothing worse than getting to the end of a project and realizing you don’t have what you need to finish. Oh well. I’ll have to do without cucumbers and cabbage this year!

Some of my radishes and my beans have started to get “holey”. I’m worried that bugs are going to ruin my harvest! Time to do some research and get some advice and home remedies for pests. I’m trying not to use chemicals in the garden for the real “organic” experience! (I almost never BUY anything organic, but I thought I would see what the difference is when growing them during my first year vegetable-gardening). Looks like I’ll have to be creative! In the meantime, I’m putting caulking gun down, putting my feet up and enjoying my backyard view.

Aerial view. The grass is really filling in now, mostly with weeds in the top corner, but it looks better at ground level...

Aerial view. The grass is really filling in now, mostly with weeds in the top corner, but it looks better at ground level…

“God made rainy days so gardeners could get work done” – Author Unknown


One Comment on “Rain, and Holes in my Radish Leaves”

  1. mom says:

    looks beautiful!

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