Transplanting those Herbs..

So, I’m a bit concerned about how my herb seedlings are going to do…….  I waited until they all had their “true” leaves (that’s apparently the second set of leaves that come up, while the first are just the seeds sprouting) and waited until a warm night and took them outside.

I’ve read that you should slowly introduce herbs that have been started indoors to the outdoors by “hardening them off” – putting them out for a few hours at a time, first in the shade and then in the sun so they can adjust. I’ve been doing that once in a while, far from regularly, so I hope they are good and “hardened”.


I eased some of the herbs out of their egg carton homes to plant them, and others I left in and kind of broke the bottom up a bit. We’ll see how they do!


I thought the transplanted seedlings would benefit from some makeshift “hotcaps”. These should keep them warm on their first night in the great outdoors.

My main concern is that the herbs haven’t grown much in the past few weeks, and when I started planting them, I noticed they didn’t have much of a root system. I thought that by waiting that long, they should really have developed more… Regardless, I planted about half in the raised beds (two sprouts per square, eventually being thinned to one per square) and the others in 4″ pots. It’s more of an experiment than anything, really. I’m beginning to think that it would have been much easier to start them in the 4″ pots so they could grow much bigger before I had to transplant them.

Yay herbs!

The good news is that I have a ton of herb seeds left, if I wake up tomorrow and everything is dead.


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