Upgrade No. 1:

Apparently, not everyone waters their garden like I’ve been watering MY garden. My sister and brother-in-law stopped by yesterday morning as I was giving my freshly planted seeds some TLC. This is what I was doing:


Here’s some background. After my seeds were first planted, I was worrying about how I would water them. Apparently, on my list of “must-haves” for starting my garden I forgot to write down watering can. We also didn’t get a long enough hose to reach all 3 beds. Anyways, in an effort to be clever, Dave helped me out by poking holes in an old cream cheese container and I poured water from a juice pitcher through the container to simulate rain. I thought this was INGENIOUS.

Admittedly, this took way more time than was necessary and involved several trips to refill my pitcher. After being  teased mercilessly, I set out to get a watering can to save face and make things easier for myself. Why is it so much easier to spend money on the things you WANT vs. the things you NEED?


That’s better! (Winnie, your face is disgusting!)

Upgrade No. 2:

We finally got a rain barrel for the garden! I have been reading a lot about how much money you can save by harvesting your rain water, and being thrifty, the idea really appealed to me. Unfortunately, these things can be $100 or more in stores! Not wanting to spend that kind of money, I did some research into making my own rain barrel.  However, it seemed like once you got a barrel of some kind, and then bought the rain barrel kit, it was often cheaper to buy one ready-made. I missed out on the City of Hamilton’s annual rain barrel sale last weekend, at which rain barrels were selling for $40.  My sister found a rain barrel sale for charity on the weekend (which benefited a community garden for at-risk youth in Hamilton) and we picked up this gem for $50:


This thing is huuge! I haven’t “hooked it up” yet, and I think I’m missing a part or two, but here’s where it will live. This makes me happy. Our colour choice was between this terra-cotta, white, or bright blue – I think the terra-cotta will blend in a little better in our backyard.

Upgrade No. 3:

As first-time home-owners, Dave and I aren’t used to having to buy the stuff people use to take care of their properties. “Date-night” has quickly become trips to Canadian Tire, garden centres or hardware stores – not that I mind at all, but it’s somewhat of a shock to the system when your previous home maintenance budget was $0. Nevertheless, when making our never-ending lists of things we need for our home, a lawn mower was near the top. We don’t really have a lot of grass, but we needed something cheap to deal with the little we had. After searching online and through the classifieds, I finally scored this hand-powered lawn mower for $30, which is currently selling in stores for over $150! Yes!!!


Our lawn mower (and Winnie)

Isn’t she a beaut? I haven’t used her yet but I’m excited. I’m very happy that it doesn’t use gas or electricity – good exercise for me and much cheaper, too. I’m not that fond of mowing the lawn, anyways – the first time I used my parents self-propelled lawn mower to mow our small backyard lawn, it took me about 2 hours and my brother coming around back to realize how to use the self-propelled feature. This involved holding down a bar. Sigh. I *think* I can handle this one!

Upgrade No. 4: Didn’t happen 😦

We had planned to “upgrade our backyard view” by planting a cedar hedge this weekend. Unfortunately we ran out of time to get the cedars on Saturday. Hopefully next week will be the next step to a little more privacy!


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