Indoor Herbs – Trial and Error

We’re trying our hands at starting our herb seeds indoors – some will be transplanted to containers on the deck, others may stay inside and make my dining room smell nice. Last weekend, Dave and I spent some time staying warm and planting some herbs to sit in our sunny windowsill.


Herbs in an egg-carton: Using the seed packets for spacing and planting depths, we filled our carton with soil and used each “egg-receptacle” as a space for different herbs. We should be able to cut these apart and plant them right into the soil as is – the carton should be quick to compost. Here you see lemon balm, thyme, thai and regular basil.


“P” for peppermint – in cut-up toilet paper and paper towel rolls!


More trial and error – let’s see if rosemary will grow in the bottom of this old pop bottle!

One week later, this is what’s happening. Frankly, I’m surprised we have anything – we keep our house at a cool 16 Celsius while we’re at work during the day.

Little, lovely sprouts.

Little, lovely sprouts.


If some don’t grow, or transplant badly, I’ll sow some more seeds outdoors or in containers on the back deck and see how they do there. Trial and error!


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